Curriculum Links
Every workshop is designed to meet the appropriate Key Stage requirements. In addition, for GCSE and A level groups we will discuss your specific requirements and design bespoke workshops to meet your objectives.
Each student has the opportunity to play at least three different percussion instruments in a session.
Some of the activities we include are:
Controlling sounds through singing and playing - performing skills
Starting and stopping together
Language based vocal and instrumental rhythms
Working to a common pulse
Intermediate & advanced instrument technique
Working on a performance piece with several parts
Sung parts can be included
Creating and developing musical ideas - composing skills
Turning words into rhythms
Playing different rhythms simultaneously as a group
Using various counts or pulses
Expressing ideas through rhythm
Telling stories using rhythm
Playing in contrasting musical styles – Latin, African, European
Responding and reviewing - appraising skills
Listening to the group sound and making improvements
Assessing and improving rhythmic accuracy
Evaluating the effectiveness of the music in expressing their ideas and feelings
Listening, and applying knowledge and understanding
Following signals
Listening and learning aurally
Identifying and using the range of sounds available in the group
Using musical elements including tempo, dynamics and texture
What other teachers have said…
“Many workshops we’ve booked before are obviously ‘adapted’ from working in Primary schools. It was wonderful to have workshops pitched exactly right to our secondary students and that excited them and got them engaged in learning.”
Cathy Scott
Aylesford School
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