What Do We Do?
Our secondary school workshops are designed to meet your objectives for the students involved.
At GCSE and A level this can include advanced instrument techniques and specific musical styles – Latin, African, and European.
In a Key Stage 3 introductory session the facilitator leads the students in making music together using a combination of instruments that can include drums (djembes/toms/tamborims), maracas, tambourines, shakers, triangles, cowbells, agogos, and blocks. We recommend rotating 3 or 4 instrument types so each pupil gets the chance to play them all during the session.
All the students play an instrument all the time, including in our speciality………….
The Finale Concert
At the end of the day everyone gets together to perform. With up to 360 pupils involved this is an excellent opportunity for parents to see what has been going on and what their children have achieved during the day.
In workshops we can also include singing, movement, and body percussion, or use a range of household items such as bins, buckets, and pans as instruments.
Teachers can join in and/or observe.
Workshops are lively and humorous while ensuring that control is maintained.
Students learn:
To play together
To follow the facilitator
To create and develop rhythms
To control tempo and dynamics (speed and volume)
Specific skills defined by you
Pupils get the opportunity to lead.
Groups can be up to 90 students, with up to 360 in the concert at the end of the day.
We have delivered workshops up to 3 hours long. However we recommend shorter sessions, 30 to 60 minutes depending on age in order to maintain attention and concentration levels.
Specific musical styles (for example African or Samba) can be included.
What other teachers have said…
“Once again an energetic & enthusiastic day. It was super seeing our year 7 & 8 students leaving with big smiles.”
Cat Allan
Head of Music - Sir Frank Markham Community School
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