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Drumming workshops that really make a difference!

Here's why...

Growing evidence from research shows that drumming in groups makes good things happen for everyone involved.

Of course drumming helps with musical development and understanding, and now there's evidence that learning can be enhanced across the board, teams can become more productive, well-being is increased, our immune systems can be strengthened - and you don't need to be a musician!

Tim Scarborough with djembe.jpg

"It's not just hitting and shaking stuff!"

This memorable comment sums up what we're about. Since the year 2000 Rhythmicity has enabled people of all abilities and backgrounds to enjoy the benefits of group drumming. What started as a simple idea has become

a partnership with national coverage and a strong reputation.

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Workshops for Schools

Everyone has an instrument from

beginning to end!


From Early Years/Foundation Stage all the way to GCSE students, our workshops are designed to engage and teach every group at their own level. Our workshop content is tailored to the age group involved, and can be adapted to fit themes and topics.

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Inspiration for Teams

Energy and enthusiasm: create and channel both when you make music together!

Start your event with a bang, pick up the energy after lunch, or end the day with a celebration! We offer a choice of music making experiences to suit your time, space and objectives.

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Scouts and Girlguides

Drumming fun for everyone!

Our workshops can be used to enable groups to earn various badges including Music, Global Issues (if using our Solar Aid workshop), Entertainment, and Challenge Badges. Our African Celebration workshop includes learning a song from another country for International Badge.

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