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Drumming fun for everyone!

Squirrels, Rainbows, Beavers, Brownies, Cubs, Guides, Scouts, Senior Section, Explorers, Leaders and Trefoil can all enjoy our range of workshops. Our workshops contribute to various badges including Music, Global Issues (ask about our Solar Aid Workshop), Entertainment, and Challenge Badges. Our African Celebration Workshop includes learning a song for the International Badge.


We bring all the equipment to your venue, and everyone has an instrument throughout the workshop. We pass the instruments around so everyone gets chance to play more than one. We always aim for everyone to have fun, and there's a strong theme of working together to achieve success.

Playing drums and percussion can help develop skills in coordination and communication, build confidence and self esteem, raise the level of group cooperation, and it’s great fun! Group drumming requires all the elements of effective teamwork to achieve success.

Drum Circle

A Drum Circle is always a unique team working experience: the participants improvise their own rhythms; the facilitator works with this to draw out the best. Together, the group achieves a level of musical sophistication which always surprises!

African Celebration

Children learn techniques and rhythms to accompany a traditional African song.

They will also learn a little about the role of the Master Drummer and how rhythm fits into African culture.

Sammy the Spider

A great introduction to playing controlled rhythm together. This workshop is aimed at EYFS & Key Stage 1 Children: using their instruments throughout, the children meet Sammy in “person” (he’s a puppet!) and help to tell

the story of the day he made some rather special friends. 

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"An African Christmas”

The story of an African girl and her family as they come together to celebrate Christmas in their unique way. Tim’s storytelling is brilliant, leaving the children captivated by Adanna. Featuring djembes, percussion, accordion, singing, masks, Boomwhackers® and much more!

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