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Rhythmicity in Schools

Rhythmicity has been providing high quality, enjoyable music workshops for students and staff across the UK for more than 20 years.

Our multi-instrument, participant-led approach means that every group achieves progress.

Schools workshop set


All workshops last 30-60 minutes depending on the age group and can accommodate up to 30 children at the same time.  Nursery can be included if the time available in the workshop space allows.

All children have an instrument throughout the workshop and will get to play at least 3 different instruments; we believe strongly in making the learning process a relaxed and enjoyable one. 

A great introduction to playing controlled rhythm. This workshop is aimed at EYFS & Key Stage 1 Children: using their instruments throughout, the children meet Sammy in “person” (he’s a puppet!) and help to tell the story of the day he made some rather special friends. 

Sammy the Spider


They boom when you whack them! These tuned plastic tubes mean

that a group can instantly turn rhythms into tunes.

A great way to demonstrate the potential for success when a group

cooperates together. 

Samba Blast

No one throws a party like the Latino countries and this workshop brings all the energy and inspiration of Rio Carnival. Playing Samba together will delight the participants as they create a sound guaranteed to get their feet moving. 

African Celebration

Children learn techniques and rhythms to accompany a traditional African song. They will also learn a little about the role of the Master Drummer and how rhythm fits into African culture.

Bollywood Bhangra

The joy of a Bollywood movie finale is always based on the driving rhythms of the Dhol – the drum unique to Bhangra music. This Workshop is a high energy celebration of the sounds of the Indian sub-continent. 

Junk Taiko

The ancient art of Taiko drumming combines the mystery of the Orient with the rhythmic power of the drum. Our ‘drums’ are more locally sourced producing a sound that  is equally impressive.

Drum Circle

A Drum Circle is always a unique team working experience: the participants improvise their own rhythms; the facilitator works with this to draw out the best. Together, the group provides a level of musical sophistications which always surprises!


"An African Christmas"

The story of an African girl and her family as they come together to celebrate Christmas in their unique way. Tim’s multi-instrumental storytelling is brilliant, leaving the children captivated by Adanna. Featuring djembes, percussion, accordion, singing, masks, Boomwhackers® and much more!

Book-based Workshops

Handa's Surprise, Tortoise's Dream, Rainbow Weaver, The Drums Of Noto Hanto

Incorporating Drum Circle workshop with the narrative, using rhythms and props to interactively tell these stories from the children’s memory and recollection.

If you are working towards a theme, or using a story that you would like us to incorporate into a Workshop, please do let us know.


If you would like to make a booking, we are happy to prepare a proposed programme for the day based on the following information:

  • Number of children in each class

  • Start and finish times when the workshop space is available in the morning and the afternoon

  • The date(s) you would prefer to book

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